“Dance the Tide”

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The higher the wall around your heart, the harder you fall when someone knocks it down.

Wealthy businessman Will Darcy is fiercely protective of his privacy and his family. When his sister is the victim of a violent crime, he takes her away from Boston to their Cape Cod beach house, where he hopes she can heal in peace—and he can restore his equilibrium.

Ecohydrologist Elizabeth Bennet is happily residing in the seaside town where she grew up. Her career, friends, and family keep her busy, allowing her to avoid any romantic entanglements—as those only lead to heartbreak.

A brief encounter on the beach between Elizabeth and Will leads to misunderstandings and lousy first impressions. They go their separate ways, confident they’ll never see each other again. But fate has other plans when Will turns out to be the best friend of her sister’s boyfriend.

When they meet again under more favorable circumstances, Will soon realizes his initial impressions of Elizabeth were unfounded—and really, her eyes are magnificent. And with some dedicated effort, Elizabeth begins to see a different man—the real Will—buried beneath his arrogant, reticent façade.

Romance blossoms as Elizabeth struggles to conquer her insecurities and Will works to overcome his distrust. But every relationship occasionally finds itself in rough waters, and greater forces can tug a couple under the waves. For their love to triumph, Will and Elizabeth will need to have faith in one another, move beyond their fears…and dare to dance the tide.


This novel is a contemporary, non-Canon variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It contains adult content and is meant for mature readers. Miscarriages and a sexual assault occur off-page, but are discussed during the course of the story.


Thoughts from readers:

All the essentials for a great contemporary novel are perfectly bound within the covers of this modern Pride and Prejudice variation—brilliant writing and lots of flowing dialogue, a perfect setting, an excellent love story, a criminal sub-plot with moderate angst and vile villains, and, most swoon worthy of all, an especially romantic and musical Darcy—and oh, the passion! I can’t recommend this book highly enough. If you haven’t yet crossed over from Regency to modern JAFF, consider Dance the Tide as your possible first.

This is one of my all time favorite JAFF stories and I will read it again and again for years to come. It’s really got a bit of everything: humor, romance, angst, fierce women, a swoony Darcy. You’ll fall in love with New England as much as you’ll fall in love with Darcy and Elizabeth’s story. Cat’s description of the area makes you yearn to be right there on the beach, ice cream cone in hand.

Dance the Tide is a story to be read and savored, filled with love, hope and second chances.

I just love this author’s writing style. It fully immerses you in the lives of the characters and makes you feel like you truly know them. Her dialogue flows so freely, her settings become characters in their own right, and she makes sure to throw enough angst and drama in to keep the plot moving along at a steady pace.

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