Coming soon!

I’m happy to announce that soon, lovers of ‘other era’ Austen variations will have a place to learn about past and new releases from a wonderful group of twelve authors, who have come together to form Austen Through the Ages (AttA).

As authors, we all adore Regency variations—indeed, many of us at AttA write them—but with this group, we hope to put the spotlight on different eras, from post-Regency through modern times. We’re hoping to bring more attention to the wonderful variety of ‘other era’ Austen variations that are out there and might not get the love they deserve.

Our goal is to have our website and Facebook page up and running by the first of July. Stay tuned!

And speaking of ‘other era’ Austen variations…Sanctuary is in the home stretch! I’m happy to say this modern Jane Austen variation is in the hands of my very capable editor, and my wonderful cover designer has finished with volumes 1 and 2 (did I mention it’s a three-volume story?), and is putting the finishing touches on volume 3. I have a cover reveal set up for August and a short blog tour in the works. This is really happening, and I can’t wait until I can actually hold the books in my hands—and bring the story to you! It’s quite surreal.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page and this blog for updates on Austen Through the Ages and Sanctuary.


14 thoughts on “Coming soon!

  1. Congratulations! I like reading of other time periods besides Regency. Looking forward to this website and story.


  2. Excellent idea. Great site name too! If I can find your Facebook page again (iffy for me) I’ll be there. If you don’t see me, send out a search party, please! Love, Sher


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