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Sanctuary is a contemporary love story inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and uses Austen’s characters only as a launching point; it is not a meticulous and faithful retelling of the original. It contains mature content and is intended for adult readers.


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“Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time?”

When Elizabeth Bennet left her Massachusetts hometown two years ago and settled on Great Diamond Island, off the rocky coast of Maine, all she wanted was a fresh start, somewhere to forget a past full of heartbreak and trauma—a place that would allow her to rediscover herself and what it felt like to be happy.

Will Darcy is ready to leave the family drama and noise of New York City behind. He moves to Great Diamond Island in an effort to build a better life for himself and his young son Jack, hoping it will provide a quiet place for them to heal from their grief after a tremendous loss.

Elizabeth meets Will within moments of his setting foot on the island, but the handsome newcomer’s offhanded dismissal of her is anything but a “meet cute.” But as the days pass, Will’s chance encounters with the bright-eyed, pretty young woman—and Jack’s insistence on befriending her—cause Will to see Elizabeth, and himself, in a different light.

But as they draw closer and take tentative steps toward something more than friendship, will they be able to step outside the shadows of their pasts?

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If someone had told him six weeks ago that he would end up here with this incredible woman in his arms, he would have scoffed in disbelief. Yet here he was, falling in love with her, holding her while she slept, and embracing emotions he never imagined he would feel again.

Will Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet have unexpectedly found each other—and a slice of happiness—on a tiny island off the coast of Maine. With wonderful friends surrounding them and a passionate new love in full bloom, life is moving forward; they’re planning a future together as a family of three with Will’s son Jack, and the lazy days of summer are looking exceedingly bright. But while some relationships are slowly and painstakingly being rebuilt, a long-kept secret, finally revealed, threatens to tear others apart.  

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She studied him in the gray, dreary light of the morning, and her heart ached as she wondered how she was going to tell him that once again, the past was forcing its way into the present.

Will Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are deeply in love, and together with Will’s young son Jack, they are looking forward to their happily ever after on the shores of Great Diamond Island.

For Will, the future has never looked brighter: he’s wild about Elizabeth, has found a best friend in Charles Bingley, and his new consulting business is slowly gaining momentum—as is his fledgling relationship with his father.

Elizabeth, too, is deliriously happy: she’s crazy about Will and is embracing her role as Jack’s “new” mom, she loves her job at the Portland Children’s Library, and is looking forward to having her younger sister Lydia settled close by.

It seems they’ve left their troubled histories behind and are heading into the future as a blissful family of three. But can anyone truly forget—or escape—a past that is determined to reassert itself? Can a new love withstand the many forces that seek to destroy it?


Thoughts from readers…

The author’s writing style draws the reader in; she paints such realistic, vivid scenes, and has a remarkable talent for writing tender, emotional moments. There are many other things to love as well—including plenty of twists and turns you won’t see coming. Fellow Pride and Prejudice enthusiasts will fall in love with Sanctuary and this modern-day incarnation of Darcy and Elizabeth.

The true heart of this story is in the storytelling itself. Andrews has a way of drawing in her readers with heartfelt emotions and realistic actions… Her strength is in relationship building – not only the predictable relationship between the two protagonists, but in others that are not so expected.

I am utterly consumed by this saga! The stirring romance and tension does not abate in the second volume of this trilogy, and I am completely enthralled by these characters, their lives, and the charming island in which they live! I am in love with everything about this series!

I crave modern Pride and Prejudice variations like this—an interesting story, funny, charmingly romantic, just a touch of angst, and with an easy, unpretentious writing style that captivates and has you wishing it will never end. I know I will read it again and again.

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