Aim, Focus, Shoot!

Hello everyone and HAPPY SPRING! We’re finally seeing signs of life again on Cape Cod; daffodils and crocus are in bloom, the trees are filled with buds, the temperature has crept into the sixties a few times, and the birds are always singing. I’m sure I’m not the only one longing for the warmer days of summer and those lazy days on the beach.

In lieu of a true “blog post” this month, I wanted to do something different, something that could be fun and let readers use their imaginations…so I’ve decided to hold a contest! One that has a little fun with Sanctuary, and allows for two lucky readers to win copies of An Unexpected Harvest.

Do you have a paperback copy of any of the three volumes of Sanctuary? Do you have any of the eBooks on your Kindle or phone (or any device)? Or maybe you have both?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Take a picture of your Sanctuary paperback (any one or the set of three) and/or your eBook (on your device, whether you’ve purchased it or use KU) in the most creative way you can think of. And I mean THE MOST CREATIVE WAY. Make it silly, artsy, pretty, funny, deep, dark, light, bright, take it with a pet, take it inside, take it outside, take it underwater…(well, maybe not that one)…whatever you can come up with, I want to see it! Don’t be shy, BE CREATIVE! And no, you don’t have to be in the picture unless you want to be (but if you can somehow convince Colin Firth to pose with Sanctuary, you’ll get some serious bonus points). PLEASE keep the pictures clean & tasteful (unless, again, you can get Colin in there somehow).
  2. Email the picture to me at Include your name in the email (first name and last initial is fine) and be sure your return email is included.
  3. One entry per format. If you have both the eBook and the paperback, you can enter a picture of each; however, you can only win in one category.
  4. I will select one winning paperback picture and one winning eBook picture. The winners will each receive a copy of An Unexpected Harvest in that format (when it is released in June).
  5. I will be taking submissions through April 30th, so you have lots of time! Please be aware that winners’ names and the winning pictures will be announced and posted on my Facebook page on May 5th.

IF YOU’VE READ SANCTUARY USING KINDLE UNLIMITED AND NO LONGER HAVE IT ON YOUR DEVICE, FEAR NOT! There will be plenty of opportunities to win copies of An Unexpected Harvest when my blog tour starts in June. PLUS, I’ll be holding my own give-away of some An Unexpected Harvest swag when the book is released.

Please join in the fun! I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures!



4 thoughts on “Aim, Focus, Shoot!

  1. What a fun and creative idea, Cat! Since I’m a terrible photographer and since I plan to purchase a copy of An Unexpected Harvest when it is available, I won’t be submitting an entry — but I look forward to seeing what you receive, if you decide to post some of the submissions!


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