2020: It’s Almost Over!

It’s almost over. 2020 is almost done, and while most of us will be happy to see it disappearing in the rearview mirror as we go careening on two wheels into 2021, I would be remiss if I didn’t touch on what a wonderful year 2020 has been for me as a newly published author, and the things I’m grateful for.

I knew from the start that I would self-publish my debut novel. In hindsight, am I glad I chose that route? Absolutely. Could I have done it alone? Definitely not. There are serious learning curves involved, many of which I’m still navigating. I’m remarkably grateful for the encouragement, support, and assistance of so many people who helped to turn Sanctuary into a real novel. I’m still learning how to confidently pay attention to my gut and trust myself and my judgment—I’m a work in progress!—but so far, so good.

I’ve gained so many new friends—authors and readers alike—through this experience. I’m grateful for the readers who took a chance with Sanctuary, which is no small feat when you’re talking about a 3-volume, 1000+ page debut novel. They’ve given the story and me so much support; the social media love and wonderful reviews have brought me such joy. And then there are the authors! Many who’ve enjoyed success in self-publishing (and traditional publishing) have been more than happy to generously share their extensive knowledge and provide guidance and words of wisdom. I’ve learned so much, and I’m excited to pay it forward in 2021.

The world of Jane Austen Fan Fiction/Austenesque fiction is a relatively small one, and I’m glad for that; it allows for relationship building and a true sense of community. There’s room for all authors and all stories, self-published or traditionally published, and I love that about this genre. What it comes down to, what we all share, is a love of the author who inspires us and who gifted us with her wonderful stories and colorful, memorable characters: Jane Austen.

And now for the fun stuff…

FREE STORY: If you feel so inclined, please sign up for email notifications for my blog (scroll down to the very bottom of this or any page to sign up)*. I promise I won’t clog your inbox—I’ll only be posting about once a month or so. And if you sign up anytime this month, you’ll receive my holiday-ish, very short story via email! There’s some history to the story – I wrote it years ago for an online Austen fan fiction site when the monthly theme was “Bah Humbug.” It was inspired by one of my favorite songs, which is played quite a bit around the holidays; I just put my own non-Canon Pride & Prejudice spin on it. In keeping with the monthly theme (and the song), the story didn’t have a happy ending, but…readers were persuasive and convinced me to give this Darcy and Elizabeth a second chance at happiness. I wonder if any of you can figure out the name of the song? After you’ve read the story, leave a comment here with your guess! Oh, and if you’ve already signed up for email notifications previous to this post, you’ll receive the story soon—keep an eye on your inbox! *If you’re already a WordPress registered user, please send me your email address using the Contact page! Thank you!

DECEMBER 13 – 19: Volume 1 of Sanctuary will be competing in Cover Wars on AuthorShout.com! Watch my Facebook and Instagram pages for the official announcement, and please VOTE!

DECEMBER 20 – 31: AMAZON SALE on the Sanctuary eBooks! Watch for reminders on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you the HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS, whatever you’re celebrating, and hoping for a quiet conclusion to your 2020; and a happy, healthy, and peaceful beginning to 2021! See you in January.


13 thoughts on “2020: It’s Almost Over!

  1. With not much longer to go, Sanctuary remains my favourite book of 2020. An Old Acquaintance is also a great little story, and I’m glad we became new acquaintances this year. All the best in 2021 and I can’t wait until your next release.

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  2. I’m with Marie in that Sanctuary is most definitely my favourite book of 2020. So much so that as you know I’ve already read them 3 times and am planning on the fourth as my Christmas treat to myself!
    I’ll watch out for the reminders for the Cover Wars nomination as it definitely deserves to win so fingers crossed for that!
    Many thanks for the gift story, loved it!
    I’m now awaiting your next book!

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  3. Well may the new year bring you health an happenings and can stop reading all 3 santuarys and old aquantince be well my friend cant wait to see whats stiring in your head next ….just another olde lang syne……

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