Sanctuary: Volume 3

Sanctuary: Volume 3 is available TODAY in eBook, KU, and paperback! Click here to go directly to the Amazon listing.

There are still giveaways happening at a couple of blogs as well! At Diary of an Eccentric,’ you can win an eBook of Volume 2; and at ‘Babblings of a Bookworm,’ you can win an eBook of the volume of your choice! Both of these giveaways will run through September 27—all you need to do is head to the blogs and leave a comment.

In the spirit of release day, here’s a short excerpt from Chapter 6 of Volume 3. Thanks for visiting!


Elizabeth was usually alone when she traveled to the island after work, but today Will picked up Jack at the bus stop and then went to the library. He and Jack settled into one of the giant beanbag chairs to read, waiting patiently for Elizabeth to finish her shift.

They left the library just after five, and after the ferry ride back to the island, they picked up a pizza at the market. Jack devoured his dinner in short order, and announced that he wanted to get his homework done and then take his bath. When he ran upstairs, Elizabeth looked at Will curiously.

“What’s going on?” she asked, leaning against the counter.

He shrugged as he wiped down the table. “I think he’s just wound up about tomorrow. He understands it’s kind of a big deal, and he’s excited to be part of it.” He turned toward the sink and walked right into Elizabeth, who’d snuck up behind him.

Kind of a big deal?” she asked, hands planted on her hips and one eyebrow arched.

He laughed. “You know what I mean.” He held the wet sponge away from her as he bent to kiss her.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and enthusiastically returned the kiss. He groaned, and she heard the soft plop of the sponge hitting the floor just before his arms wrapped around her to pull her close. They spent the new few moments thus occupied, and she soon found herself somewhere she hadn’t been in a long time—sitting on the kitchen island, legs draped around his waist while they kissed heatedly—until Jack called for his father from upstairs, interrupting them.

Will released her lips slowly and pulled back to look at her, sighing heavily when she lowered her legs.

“So, kind of a big deal?” she repeated breathlessly.

“No,” he chuckled hoarsely. “A very big deal.”


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