Counting down…

It’s almost here! Volume 1 of Sanctuary will be released in just 9 days! If you haven’t seen my latest Facebook post, please be sure to head that way to find out all the details on my celebratory Sanctuary giveaway! (Link to FB is on the home page here).

In the meantime, here’s a small excerpt from Volume 3… 


Elizabeth woke to the sound of rain pelting against the windows. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand and saw that it was only six thirty. Will was lying on his back and sleeping soundly, and in the dim morning light, she could barely make out his profile. She turned to lie on her side and moved one hand under the blankets to lightly rest on his stomach. He stirred, but remained asleep.

She smiled softly as she thought back to the previous night. He’d been slightly tipsy when they walked back to the hotel, more so than she. As much as he’d been enjoying a night out with friends, he was also letting off some steam.

He’d pestered her to sing to him while they walked, but she’d laughingly refused. He persuaded her by pulling her into a little alleyway between two buildings and pressing her against a brick wall, his lips plying hers over and over again. They weren’t rough, demanding kisses; they were sultry and deep and hot, the kind of kisses that melted her from the inside out.

And so, with tingling lips and a rapidly beating heart, she quietly serenaded him as they walked. It was still fairly early, and crowds of people passed into and out of the bars and restaurants lining the busy cobblestone street. He’d draped his arm around her and pulled her close, his hip bumping hers in rhythm with the song as they slowly walked along.

When they’d finally made it to their room, they wasted no time in undressing each other. He’d teased her as he peeled away her clothes and asked her to continue singing, but the things he’d done to her with his mouth and his hands made it impossible to think let alone sing.

I’ll just get you to sing for me in a different way, he’d whispered, his voice low and seductive.

Thinking about it now, her toes curled. Lord, did he ever.

She studied him in the gray, dreary light of the morning, and her heart ached as she wondered how she was going to tell him that, once again, the past was forcing its way into the present.


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6 thoughts on “Counting down…

  1. So exciting to be so close to the release date! As for the excerpt that you posted, it’s a beautiful sample of your magic, and it makes me so inpatient to read the final result of your labour. Is it the 26th yet?

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